This year’s recipient of the Edison Dye Lifetime Motocross Achievement Award is the three-time AMA National Motocross Champion David Bailey. David becomes the 16th recipient of this prestigious award, and will be honored with a special ceremony on Sunday, November 6th at 12:30 p.m. at Glen Helen Raceway as part of the MTA World Vet Motocross Championships ceremonies. David will also be immortalized with a special monument, joining those other motocross greats in the Glen Helen Walk of Fame. David was selected by Bud Feldkamp and Tom White, two of the giants in the motocross industry, who both have tremendous knowledge of the history of our sport.

David Bailey is a broadcaster, motocross school instructor and former professional motocross racer, born December 31, 1961 in San Diego, California. He is the adopted son of Gary “Professor” Bailey, also a former professional motocrosser.

Bailey began riding bicycles at the age of three, and received his first bike, a 60cc Yamaha at age ten. He started racing that same year. David started working hard to progress his career, and he won the 1978 250cc Amateur National Championship on a Bultaco motorcycle. He turned professional the next year, with mixed results. For 1980, he joined Kawasaki’s Team Green, one of the first members of that program. He began showing major potential and earned national #45. 1981 was his last year on Kawasaki, and he continued to move up in the rankings.

David’s big break came when he was asked by former World Champ Roger DeCoster to ride for Team Honda in 1982. That season, Bailey was a member of the Motocross des Nations team, and helped the team to its second consecutive victory.

1983 and 1984 were perhaps Bailey’s greatest years, as he won the 1983 250cc Supercross and National Championships, and was awarded the Wrangler Grand National title. He also won the United States motorcycle Grand Prix (USGP) at Unadilla and repeated as Motocross Des Nations champion. The next season, 1984, was more of the same, as David added the 500cc National crown to his resume, won the King of Bercy title and led the USA to victory in the Motocross Des Nations for the third straight year. Bailey would win many more major races in the next few seasons, most notably two more MXdN titles, and coming out on top of a titanic duel with teammate and fellow champion Rick Johnson at the 1986 Anaheim Supercross. Bailey was going faster than he ever had in his life, and many say faster than anyone before, when he rode his Honda CR500 to the win at the Motocross Des Nations that fall. The performance by the US team is regarded as one of the most dominant in history.

Prior to the start of the 1987 Supercross season, Bailey was injured in a practice crash in Lake Huron, California. There was significant spinal cord damage, and Bailey became paralyzed from the waist down. Bailey withdrew from the industry and sport he loved for seven years. Bailey would re-emerge in 1994 as a supercross commentator for ESPN. His knowledgeable background and insightful commentary was a highlight of the coverage.

In 1997 Bailey made the decision to start training for the Hawaii Ironman triathlon. In his first two attempts, he finished 3rd, then 2nd, and finally in 2000 he became Ironman World Champion, 13 years after his accident.

Bailey was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999. Bailey continues his role as a TV broadcaster to this day. He is also active in many non-profit organizations dedicated to helping others with spinal cord injuries and contributing to finding a cure.

A special display will be presented at the World Vet by “The Early Years of Motocross Museum,” featuring photos, posters, memorabilia and motocross machines similar to those Bailey rode during his career. After the special Edison Dye Award ceremony, David and a plethora of VIPs will be available for autographs and well-wishes.


Glen Helen Social Series Results

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The first Glen Helen Social Series has drawn to a close, and Meegan McDaniel Bader is the 2011 Social Series Champion! Meegan dominated the competition, accumulating a staggering grand total of 176 points over the course of the series. Steve Khaos finished second with a total of 54 points, and Les Griffin rounded out the podium with 22 points.

Thank you to all of those who participated, and be sure to keep an eye out for our next competition!

Social Series Top 5 Points:

Name Points
Meegan McDaniel Bader 176
Steve Khaos 54
Les Griffin 22
Giovanni Dumani 17
Braden Larsen 14

Glen Helen Social Series

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Its time for a new competition!  Welcome to the Glen Helen Social Series! From now until October 16th, your participation on the Glen Helen Facebook Page could earn you a free trip to Glen Helen!

Each week we will add up how many times a person liked our posted, commented on a post, wrote us on Facebook, tagged us in a post, or posted a video or picture of an event at Glen Helen. At the end of each round, the total points will be added up, and the winner will receive a free MX Practice! Every round starts off on a clean slate, which means that there is the possibility for 4 different winners! At the end of the competition we will count up all the points from each round, and the fan with the overall most points from all 4 rounds will win VET MX Tickets!

Round 1 is September 19-26th, Round 2 is September 27-October 3rd, Round 3 is October 4th-9th, and Round 4 is October 10th-16th

Here is how you win points: 
  • Liking a post = 1 point
  • Commenting on a post = 2 points
  • Writing on our wall = 3 points
  • Tagging us in a post = 4 points
  • Posting a video or picture = 5 points

Good Luck Facebook Fans! The Competition starts now!

REM Saturday MX hits the back track on Saturday. Saturday MX practice session on the USGP track. SRA Grand Prix tackles the USGP track on Sunday.

This weekend brings another round of exciting events to Glen Helen Raceway, America’s playground in Southern California, including REM Saturday MX, Saturday practice session and SRA Grand Prix!

REM returns for another Saturday of exciting motocross action. The back track layout will provide racers with challenging uphills, downhills, off cambers, turns of every type, drop offs, and jumps. No membership is required to race, and classes are available for all ages and skill levels. For more information, check out

On Sunday, the SRA Grand Prix comes back to Glen Helen Raceway. Practice runs from 8:00AM to 8:45AM, and classes including: Vets, Seniors, Super Seniors, 85cc, 150cc, 200cc, Women, Four Stroke, 250cc, and a Team Race. Membership is not required to race, but it is required to earn points toward an earned number. For more info, check out SRA online at

There will also be a Saturday practice session for those looking to hone their skills on Glen Helen’s world class USGP track. Standard gate fees apply.

For more information about upcoming events at Glen Helen Raceway, head to their website at You can also get the latest updates by liking them on facebook at, or following them on twitter

Come on out and enjoy the weekend at Glen Helen Raceway with two exciting racing events to kick off the month of September!

CALVMX is presenting the AHRMA Vintage/Post Vintage National Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 6:00AM on Saturday, with sign-ups beginning at 7:00AM. There will be a meeting for all riders at 8:30AM. Practice begins at 9:00AM with the race immediately following at 10:00AM. Saturday’s events will include the Post Vintage competition on the world famous USGP track, while Sunday, September 4th will be for Vintage racing, and will be held on the REM Back track.

REM Saturday MX will also continue on Saturday. Located on the Back Track, this race is always a crowd pleaser with its challenging course and safe atmosphere. All riders at any skill level can compete, as there are no membership requirements. Registration will be held on the track from 8:00AM to 9:30AM. For more information, visit

Glen Helen will also be holding a practice session on Sunday. Riders of all ages and skill levels will get a chance to practice and perfect their skills on both the USGP track and Peewee track.

For more up to speed information regarding exciting events at Glen Helen Raceway, please visit Be sure to become a fan of us on Facebook at Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at!

This Week at Glen Helen 9/26-28

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Get ready for another action packed weekend at Glen Helen Raceway with four exciting events to finish out the month of August!

The Baja Cup Challenge Series returns to Glen Helen on Saturday, August 27. This thrilling series offers a variety of desert classes for off road vehicles to take on Glen Helen’s 4.5-mile desert course. No membership is required and signups will be held on the track. Drivers of all skill levels are welcome!

REM Saturday MX will take place on Saturday on the Back Track. REM Saturday MX offers a challenging but safe atmosphere for all riders to compete at any skill level. There is no membership requirement to race. Registration will be held on the track from 8:00AM to 9:30AM. For more information, visit

Sunday marks the beginning of the 30th Annual CMC Trans-Cal MX National South Series. Classes range from beginner to pro, and memberships can be purchased at the race. Gates open at 6:00AM, and practice will start at 8:30AM. Racing will begin after practice. Gate fees are $10.00. For more information, visit

On Sunday, The SoCal Old Timers MX club hits the back track. OTMX holds regular events for vet riders 40 and up, and has over 350 members in Southern California. Membership and a jersey are required to race. For more information, visit

For up to speed news and updates on events at Glen Helen Raceway, please visit Also, be sure to become a fan on Facebook at You can follow us on Twitter at!

This weekend at Glen Helen Raceway: Lucas Short Course Regional #4, REM Saturday Motocross and SRA Grand Prix!

Great racing action returns to Glen Helen Raceway this weekend, with three events that you won’t want to miss!

The weekend begins with Round #4 of the Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series on Glen Helen’s Lucas Oil Short Course track. The Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series is the evolution of grass roots short course racing in southern California, and features some of the top short course racing talent in the southwest. For more information about the series, visit

The REM Saturday Motocross series continues this Saturday on the Back Track. Signups begin at the track at 8:00AM, and close at 9:30AM. Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome to compete. No membership is required to participate in the race, but having fun is mandatory! For more information, visit

Returning to the track this Sunday is the SRA Grand Prix. Riders get a practice lap on the track starting at 8:00AM and ending at 8:45AM. All ages and skill levels can choose from classes best suited for them, including: All Seniors, Super Seniors, Vets, Four Stroke, 250 cc, 85 cc, 200 cc, 150 cc, Women and a team race that will end the day. No registration is required unless racers want to receive points toward an earned number. For more information, visit

For up to date information on events at Glen Helen Raceway, visit Be sure to check us out on Facebook at and on Twitter at!